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Ahtanum Creek Flood Mitigation Project
(Emma Lane Project)

The Ahtanum Creek Flood Mitigation project is a proposed Yakima County project with the objective of alleviating chronic and frequent flooding in the Ahtanum Creek area. The partners involved include the Yakama Nation, FEMA, Yakima County Water Resources Division, and the Washington State Emergency Management Division.

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Project Area Map

In 2007, Yakima County submitted an HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) to FEMA for funding of a project to alleviate flooding in this flood prone area. In 2008, FEMA approved the project for funding, contingent on completing the necessary environmental requirements, and selecting a preferred alternative in the NEPA process. To date, no funds have been released from FEMA, pending meeting the above mentioned requirements.

From 2008 2011, Yakima County worked with the Yakama Nation to develop an alternative that crossed Yakama Nation allotment lands. Due to the complexity of working with many allotment landowners, the alternatives that crossed the Allotment lands were eventually dropped.

From 2011 to 2013, Yakima County continued to develop alternatives that did not cross Allotment lands. Many different alternatives and modifications were modeled by West Consultants Inc. to evaluate flood impacts to the existing residential area. A public meeting was held on November 14th, 2013, to present possible alternatives to the public. Residents requested additional flood impact information to the downstream residential areas, which we are now developing.

As part of the public involvement process, the Yakama Nation is working with Yakima County and FEMA to develop alternatives that meet flood control and Yakama Nation objectives. FEMA and Washington State Emergency Management Division have indicated that a grant extension is likely if satisfactory progress is made on the project.