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Project Update

Project update as of 10 - 29 - 2013

To date, nearly all of the environmental work has been completed prior to starting the Environmental Assessment process. All of the cultural resource surveys are completed with the exception of a stretch of Wide Hollow Creek that may require conveyance improvements to address additional flows as a result of the Shaw Creek bypass channel or relocation.  The draft cultural resource survey has been completed by URS Corporation Inc. with some minor modification needed.

The hydraulic analysis and preliminary design being completed by West Consultants Inc. is 90% completed and will be submitted to URS Corporation Inc. for the Environmental Assessment process.  
Yakima County has contacted nearly all of the landowners that are directly affected by the possible Shaw Creek relocation corridor or bypass corridor.  Additional landowner meeting will be occurring during the planning process.

URS Corp. Inc. will be initiating the formal Environmental Assessment process in November of 2013.  FEMA, Washington State Emergency Management Division, and Yakima County will be involved in the planning process.

If you have any concerns, or comments, or would like to discuss the project, please call:

Cliff Bennett
Yakima County Water Resource Program Coordinator
509 574 2397



Explanation of Project Roles and Responsibilities

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) FEMA has provided the funding for the PDM grant and has overall responsibility for the Hazard Mitigation Assistance program from which this project is funded.

Washington State Emergency Management Division (EMD) is the grant recipient of the PDM grant.

Yakima County Public Services Water Resources Division is the sub grantee and will be handling much of the contacts with stakeholders, landowners, construction contractors, and on-the-ground implementation.

URS Corporation Inc. is an engineering consulting firm that has been hired by FEMA to provide the NEPA Environmental Assessment work, cultural resource survey and report, and any additional environmental work.

West Consulting Inc. is an engineering and hydraulic consulting firm that is proving the hydraulic and engineering work including channel design for the project.