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Yakima County Treasurer's Office

Ilene Thomson, County Treasurer

Location and Mailing

Message from the County Treasurer

Welcome to the County Treasurer’s home page. We hope the information we developed is helpful to those who cannot come into the office or who wish to research property tax information when we are not open. Within this home page, you will have the opportunity to find out the amounts due for property taxes and assessments; when those taxes are due; and how to make payment in person, by mail or via two alternative payment options. Our staff has also added a section of the Most Asked Questions which may assist you if you have questions about those taxes and/or making payment. A taxpayer also has the opportunity to update name and mailing address for property tax correspondence via this web page.

In late 2002, we added the Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit, along with instructions on how to complete the form. The affidavit may be used for preparing documents for real property transfers. 

Special Notes: You will note that we carry taxpayer name only on the parcel records. As a matter of respect for, and because of comments from our citizens about privacy, we have opted to omit the mailing address.

We would enjoy hearing from you if you have comments, questions or concerns. You may use our email address at as an additional method of contacting us. 

Thank you for using our site, and spending the time to read this.

-Ilene Thomson