TAX INFORMATION                                                                  PHONE:  509-574-2800


Payment Instructions:  PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO “YAKIMA COUNTY TREASURER.”  STATEMENTS OR PARCEL NUMBERS MUST ACCOMPANY PAYMENT FOR CORRECT APPLICATION.   Without these, payments will be returned.  Postmark (Federal Post Office cancellation) is used to determine the payment date for mailed payments (RCW 1.12.070).  Taxes are payable in U.S. currency and/or check, money order or cashier’s check onlyTwo party checks will not be accepted.


Payment Information:  Property taxes and assessments become due and payable upon certification of the tax roll with the first-half due by April 30 and second-half due by October 31, if applicable.  All real and personal property where current year’s taxes are more than $50 may be paid in half with any applicable interest and penalty only through October 30; on October 31, those taxes are due in full (RCW 84.56.020).


Alternative Payment Options: The County Treasurer has three alternative payment options to the standard payment by mail or in-office visit.  Taxpayers can pay property taxes by: (1) E-Check via our website, (2) taxpayer authorization to debit his/her bank account, or (3) credit card use via Official Payments Corporation by touch-tone telephone or Internet access.  See enclosure describing these options, including applicable fee structure.


Bank-Returned Checks and Voided Payments: A $30 service fee is charged on all payments, which must be voided as a result of a bank-returned check or payment voided for an authorized alternative payment.  Each parcel record is subject, then, to applicable interest, penalty and costs as required by State law.  Repayment for the parcel(s) is required by certified funds (cashier’s or bank-certified check, money order or cash).  All other forms of payment will be returned.


Payment Under Protest: To preserve your right to seek a court-ordered refund, payments under protest must be in writing and included with the property tax payment (RCW 84.68.020 and WAC 458-18-215).


Voter-Approved Taxes: Voter-approved taxes are the result of an authorization by the voters during an election process to levy excess taxes for a taxing district to finance Maintenance & Operation expenses and/or to finance debt repayment for the applicable tax year. 


Delinquent Accounts:  All delinquent accounts accrue interest at 1% per month on the FULL amount owing; a 3% penalty is added June 1 and an 8% penalty is added December 1 on the principal tax amount owing.  Administrative costs are added during the personal property distraint (foreclosure) and real property foreclosure processes.  Personal property distraint (foreclosure) begins approximately May 15 and November 15 for current or past years’ taxes that have become delinquent as of May 1 and November 1.  Real property foreclosure begins approximately May 15 for real property taxes/assessments delinquent 3 or more years. Certified funds (cashier’s or bank-certified check, money order or cash) are required on all delinquent accounts for personal property distraint and real property foreclosure.


Note:  Personal property includes mobile homes that are taxed separately from land, summer homes/cabins on leased land, farm equipment, business or leased equipment and State-assessed properties.  Mobile homes with taxes less than $50 become delinquent on May 1 if not paid by April 30.  All other personal property accounts become delinquent on May 1 and become due in full for the year if the minimum amount is not paid by April 30.  When personal property is sold, dissipated or liquidated, the following year’s tax is PAID IN ADVANCE AT THE TIME OF SALE by the seller.  Personal property tax is based upon the assessed valuation/personal property listing as of January 1st of the previous year.  You are required by statute to contact the County Treasurer’s Office before buying or selling personal property.


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County Treasurer                                 (509) 574-2800

Taxpayer, Payment, Delinquent Taxes,

Change of Address, Excise Tax


County Assessor                                  (509) 574-1100

Owner, Assessed Valuation, Tax Exemptions,

Levy Rate, Property Descriptions,

Personal Property Listings,

Open Space – Designated Forest Lands









CHANGE OF ADDRESS...Please help us keep your tax record accurate.    






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Senior Citizen and Disabled Person



If you own and occupy a residence or mobile home, are 61 years or older, or retired because of disability and have income of $35,000 or less (including social security), you may be entitled to a property tax exemption on your taxes.  Failure to re-apply or report a status change may result in denial of the exemption.  For application forms and further information, contact the Yakima County Assessor’s Office at (509) 574-1100.