City of Union Gap; Mayor

  • Jim Lemon
  • Dan C. Olson
  • Barry J. Schwindt

Jim Lemon  My wife, Dawn, and I have four children, blessed with  one more this October.  We love our Town.  I  appreciate City staff’s teamwork with me, working  together for our residents’ interests.
 AS MAYOR I:  lEstablished program cleaning up graffiti,  litter.  lAppointed officer in School, placed signalized -  crosswalk, keeping our children safe.  lWork with staff  bringing more jobs to town.  We’ve  been successful  receiving grants extending water  mains, without  increasing rates.  lVetoed never-ending water rate                                     increases, oppose losing our fire Department and any                                     other tax increases. I APPRECIATE YOUR CONTINUED                                     SUPPORT IN KEEPING ME WORKING FOR YOU!

Dan Olson  Dan was born and raised in Union Gap and earned   degrees at WSU in Animal Science, Secondary   Education and International Relations.
  Dan is a strong and dedicated leader with over 13   years of government experience.  He has great vision   and understanding of government operations.
  Dan founded the Union Gap Youth Foundation to give   kids something positive to do.
  Dan would like to improve:  Low morale among city   workers; City’s financial status; Implementation of a                                      City Administrator; Unity between council, staff and                                      citizens.                                    
                                     Please get involved with our local government and                                      help me make it better.  I ask for your vote.

Barry Schwindt  I'm running because I want to support our businesses   and help create new jobs.
  I'm a High School graduate attending YVCC business   courses.
  I was born in Portland, Oregon; I relocated to Union   Gap in 2004.
  My background is in motel/restaurant management; I   recently worked as a front-line manager for Whirlpool   Corporation.
  Union Gap has the potential to be a great destination                                      city!  We need a Chamber of Commerce to realize that                                      potential.  I'm convinced untapped sources are                                      available to help support our Parks and Recreation                                      Department, and will work to alleviate the taxpayers'                                      burden in this respect.