Terrace Heights Sewer District
Commissioner, Position 2

  • Description of Office
  • Marty Borello

Sewer Districts

Yakima County has two sewer districts, Cowiche and Terrace Heights. Each sewer district is governed by a three-member board of commissioners who serve regular (6) year terms.

Sewer districts are established to acquire, construct, maintain, operate, develop, reorganize and regulate a system of sewers, including treatment and disposal plants.

A system of sewer means and includes: Sanitary sewage disposal, storm or surface water sewers, outfall for storm or sanitary sewage and facilities for sanitary sewage treatment and disposal.

Marty Borello

Appointed to position March 2007 to fill term of Warren Wayenberg

Elected to six year term November 2007

December 2008 appointed to Washington Association of Sewer and Water Association representing Eastern Washington Association Districts.  2012 received first stage commissioners accreditation award for completing leadership development program classes.

Born, raised in Oakland, California.  Lived in Yakima County since 1971. Resident of Terrace Heights since 1988.

Married 47 years, wife Connie, sons Michael and Ken. Grandfather to Hannah, Ashley, Ryan.

Retired since 2003; 16 years as a credit manager; 17 years retail sales.