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Elections Division

Yakima County Auditor’s Office
Elections Division
128 N 2nd Street Room 117
Yakima, WA 98901

Office hours - 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Phone: (509) 574-1340
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Kathy Fisher
Election Manager


Accessible Voting in Yakima County

Beginning with the 2004 Primary, Yakima County voters will have the opportunity to use a new voting system, whether they vote at the polls or by email. 

Because of new federal regulations, Yakima's old punch card system had to be replaced.  Below is an explanation and instructions for the new voting process for both absentee and polling place voting.

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Voters visiting the disability access site will find a completely new voting system called the eSlate ™.  Voters will view the candidates and issues on a screen and then, using a rotary dial, make their selections.  When finished, the screen will display the choices made, the voter be able the confirm their selections before casting the ballot. 

Tour the eSlate How to Vote Guide and see just how easy it is.

View a one page description of how to vote on the eslate device.

Why eSlate was chosen.

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When the Federal Government decided to eliminate punch cards ballots, they not only changed the way Yakima County voted at the polls but our absentee process as well. 

Yakima County voters voting absentee or vote by mail will be voting on a paper ballots, using a pencil or pen to fill in your choices.  It's the same process most of us have used since 1st grade . The voter's choice is made by filling in a rectangle box next to the candidate or issue they wish to make. It's that easy.