South Central Health Care Skills Panel

Mission Statement: "To develop a 'grow your own' workforce strategy in the South Central region through an effective partnership with employers, education and training programs, and workforce programs to fill needs of high demand and critical health care occupations",

The South Central Health Skills Panel, established in 2003, made great strides in developing a strong Strategic Plan and building on relationships among members. They have identified both short- and long-term strategies to improve career awareness, increase the number of students and adults who are prepared to enter health care fields, increase capacity and affordability in local education and training programs, and enhance the region’s ability to recruit and retain specialty occupations.

The full panel meets every other month, and subcommittees meet more frequently. In 2003, the panel leveraged over $610,000 from public sources to support their activities and developed marketing tools to launch their work and mission.

Press Information
2005 Progress Report: Supporting a "GROW YOUR OWN" Health Care Workforce Strategy
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Press Release 2/3/04

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K-12 Career Awareness Best Practices


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