Eastern Washington Area Health Education Center
Betty Rundlett
Project HOPE (Health Occupations Preparatory Experience)
Project HOPE is a four-six week summer internship program for students who have completed their junior or senior year of high school. The program places the students for 20 hours per week in health care facilities in their own communities to explore various health occupations and give the students opportunities to observe and work with mentors. They receive a $100.00 per week stipend, and must complete and turn in a daily journal to successfully complete the internship and be paid. The program is funded statewide by the State of Washington Department of Health, and coordinated by the Area Health Education Centers. Twenty-five students are selected from Eastern Washington communities each year. Applications are due in mid-March, and are available from school counselors in most high schools or directly from the Eastern Washington AHEC office. The program seeks to encourage diverse students from populations currently underrepresented in the health science occupations to pursue education and careers in health sciences.
Ellensburg High School
Karen Schock
Job Shadow
Ellensburg High School students research areas of career interest. Spend one day with a mentor in that area. Research and evaluation of experience part of student culminating project portfolio. Student has to be referred by instructor to participate.
WorkSource Columbia Gorge
Martin Campos-Davis
Klickitat County Health Care Initiative
Our project proposes to gather, evaluate, and disseminate data germane to the Columbia River Gorge with a strong emphasis on Klickitat County medical service providers and any skill gaps that are identified.
Objectives: The primary business objectives:
1. Construct and implement survey of local health care providers.
2. Disseminate results to a broad audience.
3. 10% of audience to enter into a health care related field or are referred to jobs in the health care industry.
School Connection: There is a significant opportunity to strengthen the connection between schools and local industry that may be projecting staffing needs. There are such a variety of fields within the health care industry that this variety in itself will be an item of focus as presentations are made to area youth. Knowledgeable health care professionals and WorkSource staff will make these presentations familiar with training institutions and their requirements.

Liaisons with area high schools will be reinforced and a reintroduction to WorkSource resources available to research the health care industry and a emphasis placed on survey results to help provide information on career choices.
Heritage University
Maggie Perez
Raynel Begay
Bio 103
This is a Medical Terminology course for Hispanic and Native American high school students to alert them of health care possibilities. This course includes clinicals at Farm Workers or at Emerald Care with time observing and learning care techniques with simulators at Heritage University. An added piece is receiving University credit for the course.
    * Bio 103.0: Hispanic Healthcare Broker Class
    * Bio 103.1: Yakama Cultural Broker Class
Yakima Regional Hospital
(Stefanie Durand)
*Career Days
*Career Shadows
*Classroom Presentations
*Mock Interview Participation
*Introductory Volunteer Program
Washington State University (Laura Hahn) *Group Presentations on Nursing
Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital (Melanie Gilmore) *Passport to Health Program for 4th-5th Grade Classrooms
*Clinical Skills Experiences for YV-Tech Students
*Observation Experiences for YV-Tech Students
Northwest Community Action Center (Maria Benavides) *Academic Youth Employment Program for 14-21 years of age
*Connex Provides clinical placements for 9th-12th grades
*Sponsoring a High School Careers in Health and Human Services Curriculum
Sunnyside Community Hospital (Lisa Garcia) *Nursing, RT, Lab, and Imaging Presentations to Classrooms
*Senior Project Seminar for Students Interested in Healthcare
Yakima Chamber of Commerce (Betty Wilkinson) *Business Education Partnership Places Students in Career Exploration Opportunities: Job Shadows, Group Tours Interviews, Internships Speakers' Bureau
*Career Fair Kit for Elementary
*Monthly Medical Group Tour
*Teacher Tours & Teacher Business Exchange Opportunities
Tri-County Workforce Council (Tamara Bosler) *Regional Healthcare Information Website Designed for Young Adults www.healthcarecareers.org
Kittitas Valley Community Hospital (Lisa McDaniel) *High School Senior Work Experience in Imaging Department
*Elementary Grades Tour Groups
*High School Job Shadowing Options
Yakima Valley Community College (Paulette Lopez) *Eastern Washington host site for the new SBCTC/WTECB healthcare career website YVCC Center of Excellence Designed to target middle school and high school students

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