Opportunities Partnership Program

The Opportunities Partnership Program was created with the purpose of enhancing student retention, completion of education and training program and successful transition to work for participating students at Yakima Valley Community College.

Mentors from the local healthcare industry are matched with students to help them explore careers and employment options through any combination of tours, informational interviews, job shadowing and internships.

The mentors will become positive role-models for the students and help them build the motivation and self esteem needed to excel in the industry. Mentors will share their expertise and experience and help the students develop and achieve their goals.

Currently 11 students are benefiting from this partnership with local healthcare facilities.

Partnering Agencies

Emerald Care

Garden Village

Landmark Care Center

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

Yakima Regional Medical & Cardiac Center

Yakima Valley Community College

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

Dr. Richard Wilkenson Naturopathology