Food Handler Test Hours

Monday - Friday:

8:30am to 11:00am & 1:30pm to 3:30pm

The testing process takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. (30 minute video & 35 multiple choice questions)

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Food Handler Cards


Test Schedule


Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 11:00am&1:30pm to 3:30pm

The testing process takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. (30 minute video & 35 multiple choice questions)

Testing Online

Food Worker card education and testing is available via the Internet at:

Allow at least 45 minutes to watch a video and take the exam. Multiple languages are available including English, Spanish, and Korean.

The test costs $10, payable online with a credit card.

If you are interested in studying before the test, please visit theWashington State Department of Health Websiteto download study guides in various languages.

Additional Training Available

A food worker that has obtained “Additional Food Safety Training” within the past two years is eligible to receive a 5-year food worker card when he/she is renewing a card in Washington State.

“Additional Food Safety Training” is defined in Chapter 246-217 Washington Administrative Code as completion of comprehensive training on food safety of at least four (4) hours in length. Training may include topics such as proper cooking, hot-holding, cold-holding and cooling of potentially hazardous foods; cross-contamination prevention; HACCP; and/or proper hand washing techniques.

Approval of training programs can be obtained from the Yakima Health District or the state health department (if it impacts more than one county). Approval of training programs must be obtained in advance. Food workers cannot present proof of an unapproved training course at the time of the food worker class and receive a 5-year card. The list of programs below do not count for the Person In Charge requirement for the new 2005 food code.

The training courses currently approved by the Department of Health are:

  • DMA (Dietary Managers Association) – Food Protection Training Program or Sanitation and Safety Course (resulting in the Certified Food Protection Professional (CFPP) credential)
  • Experior Assessment – Food Manager Certification
  • FoodSafe Manager Certification
  • Grant County Health Department 4-Hour Food Safety Training
  • ServeSafe Manager Certification
  • ServeSafe Employee Certification
  • Town and Country Markets – Food Safety in the Workplace
  • United Grocers and Merchants Insurance Service – Managing Food Safety in the Workplace
  • All Washington State local health department Manager Certification programs, including but not limited to: Mason, Thurston, Pierce, Skagit, Snohomish, Island, Chelan-Douglas, Bremerton-Kitsap, Jefferson and Spokane.
  • Fred Meyer – Food Safety Certification Class
  • Seattle Central Community College Culinary Arts – Principles of Sanitation Class (HOS110)
  • Costco Manager Training
  • Costco Associate Training
  • Food Safety and Sanitation Course – Island Market Company, Inc. (dba Vashon Thriftway)
  • Prometic – Food Manager Certification
  • HANA Concepts Training
  • Learn Assciates Training
  • NEHA 2-day Manager Certification Program
  • NEHA 1-day fast-track Manager Certification Training
  • NEHA 1-day Review Program
  • “Serving it Safe” Food Safety Training Program
  • TAP Series Food Safety Manager Certification Training
  • Washington State University Extension PIC Food Safety Program

To obtain Yakima Health District approval, a letter requesting approval, along with the course outline, should be sent to:

Yakima Health District
Food Safety Program
1210 Ahtanum Ridge Drive
Union Gap, WA 98903

To obtain Department of Health approval, a letter requesting approval, along with the course outline, should be sent to:

Department of Health
Office of Environmental Health and Safety Food Safety Program
P.O. Box 47825
Olympia, WA 98504-7824

For information, call the Food Safety Program at
360-236-3385, toll free line 888-586-942, ore-mail.

Person In Charge

The new food code requires that aPerson in Charge(PIC) is available on the premises at all times while the facility is operating. That means that if the PIC is the manager, but the manager needs to go to the bank or is out on lunch, there has to be another PIC available during their absence. The PIC requirement can be satisfied in three different ways (only need one): certified through an ANSI Accredited Certified Food Protection Manager Program, be able to answer the inspectors questions correctly, or demonstrate that the facility is operating to the best of its ability by receiving no critical violations during the inspection.

There are three (and only three) courses that are ANSI Accredited Certified Food Protection Manager Programs and they are found below:

Company National Restaurant Association (NRA) Thomson Prometric (Formerly Experior Assessments) National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
Accredited Class Serve Safe® Food Protection Manager Certification Food Protection Manager Certification Program Food Manager Certification
Contact Information 1-800-765-2122 x 703 (National Certification Department with six representatives)
Charles Konialian 443-923-6150 or 443-756-3642
Doug Campbell
1-800-446-0257 Kathy Henry
Sales and Marketing Manager

Languages Offered English
Large Print
(Note:Bilingual=test would be written in language listed along with English)
Chinese Modern

Lost Cards

If you have lost your Food Worker card, come to our office to get a new card. If your card is on record and has not expired, you will be issued a new card. There is an $10.00 fee for replacement cards. This card will have the same expiration date as the original card.

Tarjeta de Salud

Las clases para obtener la tarjeta de salud para los trabajadores que manejan alimentos se enseñan en el Distrito de Salud de Yakima en el 1210 Ahtanum Ridge Dr en Union Gap. Trabajadores ven el video y toman el examen en un sistema por computadora. No necesita hacer cita para usar una de las 5 terminales de computadores que están disponibles en el orden en que vayan llegando durante el día.

Pueden empezar el examen entre las 9am y 11:30pm y entre la 1:30pm y las 3:30pm.

Estamos abiertos en las tardes cada martes. Puede venir á estas clases entre las 1:30pm y las 6pm.

Necesita traer su identificación con fotografía y $10. La tarjeta se va a vencer después de 2 años. Si ya tiene tarjeta y no está vencida tráigala y le daremos la nueva tarjeta por 3 años.

On-Site Food Handler Cards

Classes are available on-site for your group or facility. The cost is $10 per person and the class must have 20 or more people in order to be scheduled. The class can be taught weekdays, weeknights, and weekends, depending on scheduling availability and is available in English and Spanish.

If you are interested in scheduling a class, please contact Ryan Ibach at (509) 249-6521.