Selah Park & Recreation Service Area 


The Selah Park and Recreation Service Area (SPRSA) is a junior taxing district that collects taxes in order to offer a variety of recreation programs for youth and adults in the Selah community. The SPRSA is governed by a 7-member board. Board members are appointed by the City of Selah, the Selah School District and the Yakima County Commissioners.


  • Position 1 (Selah City Council): Diane Underwood
  • Position 2 (Selah City Council): Roger Bell, Vice Chair
  • Position 3 (Selah City Resident): Norma Smith
  • Position 4 (Yakima County Commissioner's designee): Heidi Herzog, Secretary and Auditing Officer
    • December 31, 2021
  • Position 5 (Yakima County Resident): David Lemmon
  • Position 6 (Selah School District): Rainan Viernes
  • Position 7 (Selah School Board): Kelliann Ergeson, Chairperson