Yakima Health District Board of Health

Board of Health  Meeting 

July 28, 2021   8:30 am - 10:30 am

Due to high volume, the Board of Health meetings will be streamed on the Yakima Health District Facebook page.

There will be no opportunity for oral communications at this meeting. All written comments received prior to 3 pm on July 27th, will be summarized or read into the record at the meeting. If you wish to provide written comments to the Board of Health, please email ryan.ibach@co.yakima.wa.us with the subject line “Written Communications – July 28th”.

Health Officer Interviews

Below you can find the links to the health officer interviews Zoom videos:



Board of Health Zoom Videos

Due to a power surge on December 17, 2020, the recording stopped and our attempts to retrieve it have been unsuccessful. We sincerely apologize.

Click here to see past Board of Health Zoom videos on our Youtube channel!

Board of Health Members:
Ron Anderson, Yakima County Commissioner, Vice Chair
Amanda McKinney,
Yakima County Commissioner
LaDon Linde, Yakima County Commissioner
Patricia Byers, City Council, City of Yakima, Mayor
Naila Duval, City Representative, City of Toppenish
Dr. Sean Cleary, Citizen Member
Dr. Dave Atteberry, Citizen Member

Board of Health meetings are held monthly at 8:30AM at the Yakima Health District, Conference RM 205, Suite A. 

YHD 2021 Board of Health Meeting Schedule

RCW 70.05.060 Powers and Duties of Local Board of Health

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To RSVP or for ADA accommodations, email Victoria Reyes

Interested in becoming a Board of Health member?