Services Available

Provisioned Services & Rates

Service Name
Description Price

Bandwidth Level 1

1 to 9 Mbps
$60 per Mb per Month
Bandwidth Level 2
10 Mbps
$300/mo* - $500/mo++
Bandwidth Level 3
100 Mbps
$600/mo* - $1000/mo ++
Bandwidth Level 4
1000 Mbps
$900/mo* - $1500/mo ++
Radio Link - CJIS

County owned radio equipment, firewall and data encryption to meet CJIS requirements to connect customer to county network

$540 per link/yr
Radio Link
County owned radio equipment to connect customer site to county network
$400 per link/yr
Managed Firewall Service
Customized firewall services
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Network Port
Offered per port/per year
$260 per port/yr
Notes: Rates marked * are for agencies whom Yakima County provides end to end transport.
Rates marked ++, represent bandwidth charges where Yakima County serves as "middle-mile" fiber transport.

Data Center Collocation Prices

Collocation Prices
Service Name
Description Price
Equipment Space (1U)
1U rack space, power, 1 x 20 Amp power drop, 1 network drop
Equipment Space (Per additional U)
1U rack space to accommodate additional hardware
1/4 Rack

10U rack space, 1 x 20 Amp power drop, 1 network drop

1/2 Rack

20U rack space, 1 x 20 Amp power drop, 1 network drop

Full Rack (Dedicated)

42U rack space, 1 x 20 Amp power drop, 1 network drop

Off-hours Reboot
Hard Reboot, no troubleshooting/support
$200 flat fee
Additional Power
Additional/dedicated 20/30 Amp circuit
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Additional Drop
Additional network drop to your cabinet. No additional bandwidth included
$125 Setup
Static IP(s)
Block pricing available
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A-la-Carte Pricing for Services and Support

These prices apply to services not included in your yearly collocation contract.

Services and Support
Service Name
Description Price
Email Box
50 Gb of space in the Microsoft E2 environment, plus unlimited archive space, Includes Microsoft license and administration.
$156 per year
Internet Internet access w/failover *
$60 per Mbps/yr
Cayenta Financial Management
Financial management software that includes GL, budgets, fund accounting, utilities, payroll, and HR
$60 per user/yr
Antivirus for PC
Antivirus software loaded per PC
$15 per pc/yr
Two factor Authentication
Two step network login verification software that complies with CJIS encryption and security requirements
$45 per pc/yr
Telephone User purchases phone. Full PBX features including:
call forwarding, call transfer, voice mail, conference calling, video calling,
4 digit dial to other users on system, directory, call history, fail over routes
$310 per phone/yr
Dial Tone
Local, long distance dial tone. No additional long distance charges
$4 per phone/yr
County Network Port Connectivity to Yakima County Owned Network Ports
$26 per port/yr
PC Support

Desktop support

$475 per pc/yr
Customer Network Support

County staff maintains and supports customer network equipment and infrastructure including upgrades, security, routing, and troubleshooting

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Customer Server Support

County staff maintains and supports customer servers including upgrades, patches, security, changes and troubleshooting

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Engineering Time (Normal)

Hand-on or consulting time, M-F 9am - 5pm, except holidays

1 hour min

Engineering Time

Hands-on time, during non-regular business hours

1 hour min

Monthly Hour Packages

Contracted labor hours (requires a 1 year contract).
Minimum of .25 hours per request. Only applies to regular
business hours.

2 hrs/mo - $320
5 hrs/mo - $720
10hrs/mo - $1,200
20hrs/mo - $2,000

Contracted Workstation

Work Station Support/Desktop level support available in 1 hour blocks

$55/hr per

  *Internet access is symmetrical and fails over if primary carrier fails.