Permit Applications and Information

Applications are taken in on a first come, first served basis.  Please note our office hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm. 
In order to allow time to process your application, you must arrive prior to 3:00pm. 

All permit applications require the TAX PARCEL NUMBER

Application Submittal

How do I apply for a permit and what do I need to bring when applying for a permit?  Email a Project Coordinator for Building Permit requirements.
Permit processing can be a simple process or quite complex depending on several factors. There are numerous types of permits (see the column to the left) depending on the scope of work for your project. 


A typical application will require:

  1. Floor plan layout with all room uses labeled
  2. Foundation detail
  3. Wall Framing / Cross section detail
  4. Floor framing (If using an engineered floor system, provide the engineering.)
  5. Roof framing detail (If using a manufactured truss system, provide truss layout and individual truss sheet detail which must be stamped by engineer licensed in Washington State)  
  6. Elevations
  • Engineering or calculations (stamped by engineer currently licensed in the Washington State)
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In addition to the application for construction, a checklist is also required. 

See the left side column for additional permit applications and checklists.