New Construction Rental Program

Grandview Rental Project

Rental Project
Multi and Single Family Rental New Construction

Among Yakima County HOME Consortium jurisdictions rental vacancy rates vary from 5.6% in Grandview to a low 0% in Zillah and Union Gap. This indicates a very strong need to expand the supply of affordable multi-family and/or single family rental housing available to extremely low- to moderate-income homeowners.

These funds would be awarded based on a competitive allocation process for eligible projects.  In a competitive process, where the project will be located.  Additionally, because these types of projects require many different fund sources and financing tools, it is difficult to pinpoint precisely how many units can be produced.  The funds for this allowable activity is up to 23% of any year’s grant award. If a viable project is not submitted in the Request for Proposals (RFP) process then the remainder of funds will be reallocated to the Homeowner Rehabilitation program or the Homebuyer program, which ever program shows the need for the additional funds on an annual bases to be determined by the HOME Board.

If you are an owner, developer, or sponsor and are interested in learning more in partnering with the Yakima County HOME Consortium please contact Marivel Garcia at 509-574-2300 or email .