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The legal duties of the elected County Clerk are identified in Chapter 36.23 Revised Code Of Washington and Article IV, Section 26 of the Washington State Constitution.

The County Clerk is an elected position as provided by the Washington State Constitution. The responsibilities of the County Clerk are assigned by statute, State and local rules. The County Clerk is the administrator of the County Clerk's Office and the executive officer of the Superior Court.

The role of the Clerk's Office is to serve citizens involved with the Yakima County Superior Court system and to support the Superior Court system by receiving and processing court documents, assisting in court proceedings, maintaining court files, records and exhibits, and for the receipting of fees, fines, court ordered payments and disbursing funds.

The Office of County Clerk was established to provide the public with access to a fair, accurate and independently established record of the opinions, decisions and judgments of the judiciary. By fulfilling this mission, the County Clerk helps to ensure the separation of powers among the 3 branches of government.

Specific functions of the Clerk's Office include serving as executive officer for the court, custodian of all court records and exhibits, manager of the jury system, quasi-judicial officer for issuance of writs and subpoenas, and providing public access to court records.
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