Pay for and Obtain Copies of Court Hearings on a CD

FTR or JAVS Requests

  • FTR = For the Record
  • JAVS = Jefferson Audio Video Systems
A computer is required to listen to completed CDs.  Prior to ordering, please see System Requirements below.  There is a minimum $25 fee per hearing. Court Reporter services may incur other charges.

Please note: If the hearing you request had a live Court Reporter (a real person in the courtroom), you will need to contact the Court Reporter directly. Yakima County Superior Court maintains the list of qualified Court Reporters / Transcriptionist.  Please contact Yakima County Superior Court for modifications to the list.  Click here for a current list of Transcriptionists/Court Reporters.

Be prepared! You will be asked to enter:
  • Superior Court Case Number or Case Name (correct spelling of parties involved is required)
  • The date(s) of the hearings you wish duplicated
    • You may look that information up here.

Completing the Form

You will also need to provide information regarding the delivery of your completed request. Your delivery options are listed on the request form.

There are two (2) form options to assist you in completing the form.  Either 'electronically' or by 'paper' format.  Do not submit both, for the same request.

Request Electronically: Once your electronic request form is completed, it will automatically be submitted it to our office.  We will reply with amounts due, payment options, and other information to the E-mail address you supply.

Request by a Paper Form:  Once your paper request form and payment is submitted to our office, we will process your request and forward your completed order as you directed on the form.

Please allow 5 to 7 working days for project completion once our
office receives payment.


If you choose to make payment in person, it must be cash, a cashiers check or a money order (payable to the Yakima County Clerks Office) as personal checks are not accepted. Checks from law firms are accepted.

Requests are not processed until payment is received.

If electronic payment is made after business hours, on weekends or holidays, your payment will not be processed until the next business day. (When asked for a Date Of Birth -on the nCourt electronic payment site - you may enter a random date.)
  1. FTR - System Requirements
  2. JAVS - System Requirements

Your system requirements:

To play an FTR recording, your system must have:
Internet capabilities.
Windows 8 / 7 / XP SP3
        -Windows is not compatible with MAC/Apple.  (There is a check box on the
          form if you are using MAC/Apple.)
Download FTR Player and questions: