County Code Updates

This page will document proposed and approved changes to the following codes administered by the Yakima County Planning Division:
Title 16     Environment
Title 16A  Critical Areas (Agricultural activities) - Repeal
Title 16B  Project Permit Administration
Title 16C  Critical Areas (applies to all unincorporated lands under Yakima
                  County's land use jurisdiction, except for lands under jurisdiction of
                  the Shoreline Management Act and lands for agricultural activities
                  conducted on agricultural and rural lands.) The CAO documents and
                  materials for the 2017 GMA update can be viewed on the CAO Update page.
Title 16D  Shoreline Master Program
Title 18     Airport
Title 19    Unified Land Development Code (Provides for Land Use Districts,
                 Improvements, Site Design and Procedures.)
Title 20    Yakima County Land Use Fee Schedule

2019 Text Amendments

16A Critical Areas Ordinance (Agricultural Activities) - Repeal

19.20 Signs Ordinance Update - Reed v. Town of Gilbert Decision

Planning Commission Information and Materials

Title 19 (Unified Land Development Code) - Corrections and Revisions

On May 5, 2015, the Board of Yakima County Commissioners adopted Title 19 (Unified Land Development Code). During the Title 19 implementation process and first year of use, the Yakima County staff and local professionals identified a number of issues which needed to be addressed. Those identified issues have ranged from reference errors to conflicts with other Yakima County Titles. The 2017 BOCC adopted draft has corrected those reference issues as well as clarify the existing language in order to provide better guidance to both the public and staff. A copy is provided below for your viewing.

2016 PC Findings Documents

January 27, 2016 Planning Commission Public Hearing

Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing

Public Hearing date and time will be posted by the Board of County Commissioners on the Agenda Page when the hearing has been scheduled.