2018 election calendar


To call for a special election in February or April, resolutions are due 60 days prior to the election date.

If the Special Election is to be held in conjunction with a Primary, resolutions are due no later than the Friday immediately before the first day of the regular candidate filing period.

Resolutions calling for a Special Election in conjunction with the General Election are due no later than the day of the Primary. RCW 29A.04.321

A ballot measure cover sheet must be submitted with each resolution or ordinance submitted to Yakima County Elections.

If a jurisdiction wishes to withdraw a resolution, a signed statement must be submitted to the elections division.  The deadline to withdraw a resolution is the same as filing a resolution that calls for an election.


Election results are certified 10 days after a Special Election in February or April, 14 days after a Primary, and 21 days after a General Election.

Candidate Filing 2018

Candidate filing period for 2018 is May 14-18.
RCW 29A.24.050

Election Date   Feb 13,
Apr 24,
   Aug 7,
  Nov 6,
Resolution Due Dec 15 Feb 23 May 11 Aug 7
29 Day Registration and Update Deadline Jan 15 Mar 26 July 9 Oct 8
8 Day New Registration Deadline Feb 5 Apr 16 July 30 Oct 29
Overseas/Military Ballots Mailed Jan 12 Mar 23 June 22 Sept 21
Ballots Available Jan 26 Apr 6 July 20 Oct 19
Election Certified Feb 23 May 4 Aug 21 Nov 27

The 8 day in person voter registration deadline is only for individuals who are not currently registered in Washington State. The applicant must appear in-person in the Auditor's Office.  RCW 29A.08.140