City of Granger

1 year residency required

Candidate statements are printed as submitted. The County Auditor has no editorial authority.
  1. Mayor
  2. Council, Position 4
  3. Council, Position 5
  4. Description of Office

4 year term

Jose Trevino

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Hello, I am Jose Trevino and I am running for re-election as Granger Mayor.

In the last two years I have worked very hard, very smart, and with great fiscal responsibility towards achieving goals in our community. I am investing in our local infrastructure, our youth, and our community needs. All, without raising rates or local taxes.

But, we still have lots of work to be done. I respectfully ask for your support and vote. Let’s finish the projects I’ve started; and let’s improve the quality of life for everyone in our community. Thank you.

Julie M. SharpJulie M. Sharp

For the last 11 years I have served as your city council member. Now I ask that you grant me the honor of serving as your mayor. I will show you that I put Granger first.

My top priority is to ensure a safe and growing community for everyone. My first priority is obtaining a new fire engine.

I will cut unnecessary spending, ensuring your tax dollars are being spent properly. I guarantee no one will be kept in the dark about Grangers’ future.

Together as a community we will grow!

Thank you.