City of Wapato

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4 year short/full term

Keith WorkmanKeith Workman

As a 4th generation Wapato resident, I have served since 2016 as a council member and fought hard for an open government that listens to the Citizens. I am asking for your support to be the next Mayor so that we can make Wapato a better place to live and to raise our children. I will restore our police and fire departments; I will work hard to restore the financial condition of our community; and I will support our business community to encourage growth. We need to work together to fix the mess caused by our current City Administration.

Joseph (JC) WoffordJoseph (JC) Wofford

I am running for Mayor of Wapato, I was born and raised in this beautiful community, I attended Wapato schools k-12, graduated from Wapato high school in 2001.  My family and I have owned and operated a towing company in the Wapato area for over 60 years.  I not only live in the city, my life is this city. I want the opportunity as Mayor, to bring this city back to its full potential. The Future is now.   I am asking for your vote.