City of Yakima

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Council, District 1
4 year term

Eliana MaciasEliana Macias

Eliana Macias is a lifelong resident of east Yakima, and lead dental assistant at ViewCrest Pediatric Dentistry at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic. Eliana is strongly committed to underserved families and advocating for the welfare of children.

Eliana will work to secure resources for public safety and gang prevention, increase career and apprenticeship opportunities, and continue community investments for our most vulnerable communities. She has advocated for the City of Yakima to make safety improvements to District 1 and understands residential concerns across east Yakima through personal experience.

Vote Eliana Macias to support public safety and opportunities for all.


Kenton GartrellKenton Gartrell

Our neighborhood needs a voice in City Hall, a representative who will fight hard for East Yakima and for our special needs. I want to be that person. I want to be that voice.

I want to work with my friend Councilman Jason White — who represents Southeast Yakima and endorses my campaign — to make sure the eastside is treated like the rest of the city.

I will work hard to solve our parking and street light problems and to provide wholesome and fun activities for our children, including an eastside swimming pool and an expanded youth center in Miller Park.