Developmental Disabilities Program


The Yakima County Developmental Disabilities Program works with employment vendors and rehabilitation facilities to provide the highest level of service to people with disabilities.

The County Role is to foster inclusive communities that support people with developmental disabilities to fully participate in and contribute to all aspects of community life. 


Yakima County will advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by promoting high standards in education, training health and community integration services.


  • Collaboration: Community partnerships have proven to produce well-supported outcomes by bringing people, resources and organizations together for a common goal.
  • Prevention: Strategies that support mental health behaviors and promote healthy living and healthy environments to families and clients, which provide long term benefits for everyone.
  • Skills: Well-trained, dedicated and experienced vendors who provide training and education to achieve community integration. 


  • Click the link below to see how Yakima residents are working in the community.
  • Resources for both those with and without a disability
  • How Employers can learn more about hiring a more diverse staff

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