GIS Data and Products

GIS Data

Some of Yakima County GIS data is available through our open data portal. This portal can be used to download data as ESRI shapefiles, ESRI feature class or other common formats. If data that you were searching for is not found on the portal you can contact the GIS department at Please note that data comes "as is" and there are no warranties for any data downloaded.

GIS Products

Many of the products we produce are made to order, but we do have a few standard items that we sale at our Customer Service Counter. The best way is to contact us through email at, you will find we respond fairly quickly. Just let us know in your email   stating what you are looking for, you can call at (509) 574-2990, or visit us at our office at 128 N 2nd Street Room 116 Yakima, WA.

Standardized Products

  • Parcel\Aerial Photos
  • Yakima County Road Atlas
  • Yakima County Recreation Guide (ORV map)