2020 Biennial Amendment Applications Under Review

The Public Services department is temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  However, staff will continue working on these applications.  To stay up-to-date with these Comprehensive Plan map and development code amendments, please continue to check this page as it will continue to be updated.

Board of Yakima County Commissioners, Notice of Public Hearing

The Board of Yakima County Commissioners will conduct a public hearing to receive public comments on the 2020 proposed amendments to Yakima County’s Comprehensive Plan - Horizon 2040 and YCC Title 19 (Yakima County Unified Development Code). Public comments on the proposed amendments will be considered at the hearing as indicated below:

Hearing Date and Time: Tuesday, November 17, 2020, at 10:00 a.m., those wishing to testify must call 509-574-1500 between 9:45 and 9:55 am and provide their name and the matter upon which they are calling to testify to the Clerk of the Board. PARTICIPANTS SHOULD MUTE THEIR PHONES AND REMAIN SILENT UNTIL CALLED UPON BY THE CHAIRMAN TO GIVE TESTIMONY. The Regular Board of Yakima County Commissioners meeting will be conducted before the Public Hearings. There may be more than one public hearing. Callers will be identified by name when it is their turn to give testimony and should not talk until recognized by the Chairman. Written testimony or translator assistance requests may also be submitted to the Clerk of the Board by email to linda.ohara@co.yakima.wa.us by 4:00 pm on the Monday prior to the hearing.

If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this program, hearing or service, you may be entitled to receive certain assistance at no cost to you. Please contact the ADA Coordinator at Yakima County no later than five (5) working days prior to the date service is needed.

Amendments to Title 20 Fee Schedule

Findings for the proposed 2020 Biennial amendments to Yakima County’s Comprehensive Plan and Yakima County Unified Development Code

SEP2020-00028 – SEPA Environmental Checklist

LRN2019-00005 – Time Limits for RV Stays in Campgrounds

LRN2020-00005 – Table 19.13.030-1 Rear Setback Update

 LRN2020-00008 – Table 19.36-1 Zoning District Consistency Table Update

LRN2020-00010 – Table 19.14.010 Reduced Review for Residential Uses (Manufactured Homes)

LRN2020-00001. (SEP2020-0003) Re-designate Rural Self Sufficient (RSS) to Rural Transitional (RT), and Rezone Rural 10/5 to LRN2019-00005 – Time Limits for RV Stays in Campgrounds