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The Yakima Health District's Food Safety Program works with local food businesses, state and federal government regulators, and our community to reduce the rate of foodborne illness in our region. The Food Safety Program oversees plan reviews, inspections, complaints and foodborne illness outbreaks in food and beverage establishments like restaurants, wineries, grocery stores, convenience stores, and schools. For information on services, or general questions, contact one of our skilled Environmental Health Specialists through the Environmental Health Help Desk at (509) 249-6508 or YHD.Help.Desk@co.yakima.wa.us.

Completed applications may be submitted in person or by mail at Yakima Health District, 1210 Ahtanum Ridge Dr., Union Gap, WA 98903.

Opening a New Food and Beverage Establishment

To apply for a New Food and Beverage License, complete and submit all the required documents as described in the guide below at least 30 days before you plan to operate. The plan review process should take place before any construction so that we may advise you on requirements. Payment is required at the time of application submission. Please read the guide below for more information on the process.

License Renewals - Submit Application & Payment

Opening a Mobile Food Unit (Food Truck)

Temporary Food Events

Complete and submit this application to permit your temporary food event (TFE) or seasonal food service, such as a farmers market or sports concession. Under a "TFE Permit", the approved vendor may serve at a fixed location for 21 consecutive days. Under the "Seasonal/Concession Permit", the approved vendor may serve at a fixed event for the duration of the predetermined schedule of the event less than 6 months out of the year. Applications must be submitted with payment at least 7 days prior to the event or a $50.00 late fee will incur. Applications will not be accepted within 48 hours of the event. See Temporary Food Establishment Permits page for more info.

Change of Ownership

Licenses are non-transferable. New owners must apply and pay for a new food and beverage license.
  • New owners may also need to submit a plan review packet, floor plan, policies, or additional documents with their license application dependent upon changes made to the establishment. Please contact an Environmental Health Specialist for guidance.

Exempt from Permit Food Service

Some low-risk food items are exempt from needing a permit to serve under WAC 246-215 with agency approval. Refer to the list provided below and verify with an EH Specialist that your service qualifies for exemption by contacting the EH Help Desk and submitting an application for exemption approval.


WA State Retail Food Code (WAC 246-215)

  • Research the regulations and requirements for all Food Establishments in WA State. 

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