Yakima County Homeless Coalition

The primary purpose of the Yakima County Homeless Coalition is to develop and review the Yakima County 5-Year Plan, which will be reviewed annually by the Board of County Commissioners, who is the local legislative authority and holds the ultimate responsibility for the homeless housing programs within Yakima County, as outlined in RCW 43.185C.

Next meeting:

September 17, 2019  1:30 pm

State Fair Room, Yakima SunDome

Yakima County Homeless Coalition Executive Committee Members:

County Commissioner Representative: Mike Leita

City of Yakima Representative: Brad Hill

For Profit Business Representative: Kyle Curtis

YVCOG Member Representative: Joan Souders

Individual with Lived Experience of Homelessness: Kelly Penfold
Public Safety Representative: Joseph Brusic

YHC Representative: Rhonda Hauff
YHC Representative: Mike Johnson
YHC Representative: [VACANT]

March Coalition Meeting

April Executive Team Meeting

June Executive Team Meeting

July Coalition Meeting

August Opt-in Point in Time Count Meeting

For additional data, please see State data available HERE.

Questions or feedback should be directed to Yakima County Homeless Program Manager, Esther Magasis: esther.magasis@co.yakima.wa.us