Protection Orders

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You should keep any order the Judge signs with you at all times! Your signed order is in effect in any state within the United States.

You may obtain your packet of forms from the Clerk's Office at 128 N. 2nd Street, Room 323, Yakima WA 98901, or on this website.

New legislation effective July 1, 2022 for:
  • Domestic Violence

  • Sexual Assault

  • Stalking

  • Unlawful Harassment

  • Vulnerable Adult

To start any of the above types of matters  you will need to complete the following forms.  Each form is required.

Colored pages, highlighting, color markings are prohibited pursuant to GR 14(a).  Make sure your items do not have any color in / on them.  Submit items in "Black and White" only.  Staff do not correct your images.  If you have photographs or colored copies, follow these guidelines to submit / hand directly to the Judge.
Take ALL pages of the above forms to the Clerk's Office for Filing.  You may also submit your completed forms electronically - see below.  Submit in ALL the pages, even the ones that may not apply to your situation.  The only one that may require a filing fee is the Unlawful Harassment  RCW 7.105.105 (9)(b), (i), (ii)Effective July 1, 2022.  

Additional forms your situation may require of your situation:

If you wish to present your items in person:  Your completed forms are to be turned in to the Clerk's Office / Room 323 / 3rd floor Courthouse between Noon and 12:45 pm.  Children are not allowed in the Courtrooms, so please make arrangements for their care while you attend Court.  Court starts promptly at 1:30 pm.

Electronic Submissions:

For online self-help court forms with instructions and ‘question / answer’ screens, you can use the “LawHelp” interactive link. It will assist you in completing forms for domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, anti-harassment, and vulnerable adult protection orders. It will then allow you to save your completed forms so you can then upload them to the Clerk’s Office for further processing.  *The Clerk’s office is not responsible for the current versions of these forms or which pages LawHelp determines you need.  The local Court may require additional forms from you.

Once you have your forms completed click HERE  to upload them to the Clerk's Office.  Please be advised the Courts are open between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  The Courts are closed on Saturday, Sundays and all legal Holidays so there may be a delay in processing due to these closures. 

Extreme Risk Protection Orders:

A petition can be filed by a law enforcement agency, a law enforcement officer, or a person who is a family or household member of the respondent.
To start this type of matter you will need to complete the following forms:
When the respondent is under the age of 18 years old:
  • XRi 201 (PDF) - Instructions for Petition For Order / Extreme Risk - Respondent under Age 18
  • XR 201 (PDF) - Petition for an Extreme Risk Order for Protection - Respondent under Age 18
  • XR 102 (PDF) - Firearm Identification Worksheet
  • XR 105 (PDF) - Law Enforcement Sheet
  • XR 221 (PDF) - Temporary Order for Protection and Notice of Hearing - Extreme Risk - Respondent under Age 18

Requesting a Court Interpreter

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