Adult Services and Transitions

Adult Services 

  • Employment services provide ongoing support services and training for eligible persons with paid jobs in a variety of settings and work sites. These include individual supported employment, group supported employment, and prevocational services. These may be individual or group options in the community and specialized industry settings.
  • Individual Supported Employment services are part of an individual's pathway to employment and are tailored to individual needs, interests, abilities, and promote career development. These are individualized services necessary to help persons with developmental disabilities obtain and continue integrated employment at or above the state's minimum wage in the general workforce. These services may include intake, discovery, assessment, job preparation, job marketing, job supports, record keeping and support to maintain a job.
  • Community Inclusion services assist individuals to participate in activities that promote individualized skill development, independent living and community integration. Activities must provide individuals with opportunities to develop personal relationships with others in their local communities and to learn, practice, and apply life skills that promote greater independence and community inclusion.
  • Individualized Technical Assistance services are a part of an individual's pathway to individual employment. This service provides assessment and consultation to the employment provider, client and their support system to identify and address existing barriers to employment. This is in addition to supports received through supported employment services or pre-vocational services for individuals who have not yet achieved their employment goal. (DSHS)
  • Job Foundations Pilot Project provides more employment supports at an earlier age to help high school transition students leave school with a job at 21. This is made possible through a partnership between school districts, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), Educational Service Districts, schools, counties, employment providers, families and students.