Landlord Rehab Loan Program

The Landlord Rehab Loan Program strives to sustain the quality of life in our community, provide an affordable housing rehabilitation option to low and moderate-income households, preserve the existing affordable housing stock in our neighborhoods, and provide employment opportunities for local contractors. The residences must be occupied by tenants with incomes at or below 80% of the median income.

Eligible Property Areas: Cities of Grandview, Harrah, Mabton, Sunnyside, Toppenish, Union Gap, Wapato, Zillah and unincorporated Yakima County.

Loan Terms: The zero-interest deferred payment loans are funded by the HOME Investment Partnership Program and local SHB 2060 filing fees. A Deed of Trust is signed prior to construction . The 36 month loan term starts the day the Project Completion Certification is signed by all appropriate parties.

Property and Income Criteria:

Your property value cannot exceed the Estimated Post Rehabilitation Market Value (EPRMV) of $199,000, effective April 15, 2019.

Your tenants must qualify based on number of household members and total household income OR the unit can be vacant. It will need to be rented within 9 months of project completion to an income eligible family or individual.

Your property taxes and mortgage must be paid current

Property condition and usage must fully comply with local zoning and nuisance ordinances.

Eligible Repairs

The Landlord Rehab Loan Program is designed to address immediate health, safety and structural deficiencies. Final determination of Scope of Work will be made by HOME Consortium staff and owners.

Accessibility needs and modifications

Appliances, if existing ones are nonfunctional, inefficient or in very poor condition  

Bathroom Repair  

Brick or masonry repair

Chimney repair

Door and window repair or replacement (if in poor condition)

Driveway or walkway repair

Electrical upgrades

Floor repair and covering

Foundation repair or replacement

Furnace/boiler repair or replacement

Gutter cleaning, repair, or replacement

Hazardous materials abatement

Hot water heater repair or replacement

Kitchen repair

Paint, interior and exterior

Plumbing repair

Porch repair or replacement

Retaining wall repair (for code violations, or if hazardous)

Roof repair or replacement

Sewer repair

Siding (if in poor condition)

Structural repair

Water line repair or replacement