Zoom Attendance Instructions

The criminal and domestic dockets will continue to use Zoom. For all other dockets and hearings, Zoom options are only available upon approval from the judge hearing your case.

Instructions for Hearing Participants:  A tutorial and instructions for Zoom are found HERE.  Zoom also has a number of help articles and video tutorials available HERE,  Please be sure to test your connection and audio well in advance of your hearing.  You can join a test meeting  HERE.  First time users may be prompted to download the Zoom software, and should plan accordingly.

All participants are reminded you are appearing in a virtual courtroom.  Your demeanor and your surroundings should reflect the serious nature of court proceedings.  There is no lessening of appearance standards, especially for Officers of the Court (attorneys, interpreters, guardians ad litem, etc.),  This, of course, also applies to the bench.

  • All proceedings are recorded on FTR. which is still considered the official record of the Court.
  • If on the phone, use *6 to mute/unmute your audio.
  • Parties must mute and turn video off when their matter is not being heard.
  • If you are late joining and miss the Judge’s calling of the calendar, please remain quiet until the case is called or until the Judge polls the courtroom again.
  • You may be placed in a Zoom "waiting room" until admitted into the proceedings by the Judge or Court Staff.  Remain in the waiting room.  We are aware of your presence add will admit  you when ready.

Instructions for Hearing Observers:

  • If you are joining via Zoom, please identify yourself as an observer when logging in (e.g., type in the word OBSERVER as your name).
  • All audio and video are to be turned off for the duration of the hearing/calendar.
  • Inappropriate or disruptive behavior by any Court observer will result in the observer’s immediate removal from the Zoom hearing room.