Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery

Yakima County is in Phase 1 

The Governor’s Office has released a new "Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery," COVID-19 phased recovery plan. Starting on January 11, the state will follow a regional recovery approach with every region beginning in Phase 1.  

Yakima County is included in the South Central Region along with Kittitas, Benton Franklin, Walla Walla and Columbia Counties. A region's phase will be determined by the Department of Health (DOH) and will be updated weekly. For more information on the DOH metric requirements and the current status of each region, click below.

Roadmap to Recovery Report - January 15, 2021.


Phase 1 - Healthy Washington - en español

Phase 1, for the most part, aligns with restrictions current in place, with a few key exceptions. Indoor fitness and outdoor entertainment, for example, were both previously prohibited, but will now be permitted with restrictions. Read the Healthy Washington-Roadmap to Recovery Plan for more details.

List of activities for phase 1 and 2 for WA St. Recovery

Healthy Washington Business Guidance

The following business activities must adhere to the occupancy and operation requirements outlined for their region’s Healthy Washington phase:

Professional Services

Personal Services

Eating and Drinking Establishments

Sports, Recreation and Fitness

Indoor Entertainment Establishments

Outdoor Entertainment Establishments

Additional Industry Requirements

General Business Reopening Requirements

All employers must follow COVID-19 prevention protocols for employees as required by the Department of Labor and Industries