COVID 19 Information

Yakima County District Court works with the Yakima County Health District as well as other local leaders to ensure the health and well-being of court employees, litigants, attorneys, and the public while performing our constitutional and statutory duties. While we are not able to eliminate the risk of the virus, the Court is committed to minimizing the risk by implementing recommended practices by health officials and local leaders, evaluating and modifying our practices and educating the staff, court users and the public.  

Court Representatives are in contact with the Yakima County Health District. The Court will strive, to the extent possible to adhere to guidelines in making further modifications which take into consideration:

  • COVID-19 disease activity (number and trends in     COVID-19 cases and mortality);
  • Health care system readiness (hospital capacity,     number of ventilators and Personal Protective   Equipment (PPE)availability); 
  • Testing capacity and availability (geographic   distribution of testing, laboratory capacity, test kit   availability, and number of tests performed per day);
  • Case investigation and contact tracing (staffing   availability, case management plans; rate of case   investigations, availability of Isolation and/or   quarantine facilities); 
  • Ability to protect high-risk populations (number of   outbreaks in congregate settings; demographic   data to identify and monitor high-risk populations);   and
  • The Court’s responsibility to perform constitutional   and statutory duties.

COVID 19 Court Orders


The Court has put in  place the necessary protective measures to minimize the risk of the virus. Specifically, we have modified our processes to allow for social distancing, instituted the requirement that all court staff and court participants wear a face covering, made available hand sanitizer in and out of the courtrooms, installed barriers where social distancing is not able to be implemented and required a thorough cleaning of the courtrooms each night. For more information on the safety measures that Court has put in place, please review the Covid-19 Safety Plan (English) Covid-19 Safety Plan (Spanish).

Notice:  If you have received a notice to come to court, and you are not feeling well please do not come to court. If you have an attorney, please contact him/her. If you are not able to reach your attorney or do not have one, please contact the Court at 509-574-1800.  

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