At Home Testing Kits

There are COVID-19 testing alternatives for community members that cannot be tested at a COVID-19 testing site, due to a physical, or emotional limitation which may make it difficult to test at an established site.

Español: Existen alternativas de prueba COVID-19 para miembros de la comunidad que no pueden ser hacerse la prueba en un sitio de pruebas de COVID-19, debido a una limitación física o emocional que puede dificultar la prueba en un sitio establecido. Haga clic aqui para más información. 

Everylwell Home Test Kits

If someone gets tested at a community-based testing site, they have the option of stopping by the care coordination tent and picking up an Everlywell home test kit for a family member (age 16 and older). Please note, they cannot drop by the test site and just pick up a test kit if they are not also there to get themself tested through the testing site. At home test kits are intended to be used only when someone cannot go to the site to get tested. Please make sure to follow the directions that come with the test kit.

How to Use Your Kit

  • Register your kit online at
  • Collect your sample on the same day you register your kit.
  • After collecting your sample, make sure the swab is covered in the liquid and the cap is tightly sealed.
  • Drop off your sample in a UPS dropbox Monday through Friday before the last pick up of the day.
  • Results will be provided in 3-5 days.

For more information on how to collect your COVID-19 test home collection kit sample click here or watch the video below.

Spanish instructional video- HERE 

SCAN Study Home Test Kits

These tests can be ordered if you cannot attend the test site or physical limitations may make it difficult to go to a test site. 

The Great Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN) Study is currently providing free, mail-in home test kits to Yakima County residents. The kit is approved to be used by children and adults (no age limit). Individuals who would like to receive a a kit may register online at:,