At Home Testing Kits

Below are COVID-19 testing alternatives for community members that cannot be tested at a COVID-19 testing site, due to a physical, or emotional limitation which may make it difficult to test at an established site.

Everylwell Home Test Kits

Yakima County residents may be able to obtain a free Everylwell home test kit.  The test is approved for use in individuals 16 and older and requires a self-collected nasal swab. The test also requires internet and email access to complete registration and obtain results. Individuals are encouraged to follow all of the instructions included in the kit to ensure proper precautions are taken for collecting, packaging, and shipping.


  • Register your kit online at
  • Collect your sample on the same day you register your kit.
  • After collecting your sample, make sure the swab is covered in the liquid and the cap is tightly sealed.
  • Drop off your sample in a UPS dropbox Monday through Friday before the last pick up of the day.
  • Results will be provided in 3-5 days via email.

For more detailed information on how to collect your COVID-19 test home collection kit sample click here or watch the video below.

Spanish instructional video- HERE 

Pixel Labcorp COVID-19 Home Collection Kits

Individuals with COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 may also request a free COVID-19 Home Collection Kit from Pixel Labcorp. The kits can be used on individuals 2 and older and require a self-collected nasal swab. The kits are delivered within 2 days and provide results in 1-2 days from when the sample is received by the lab.

Visit to learn more about the program and whether you qualify for a free test kit.