Mental / Behavioral Health

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Life can be stressful. Especially right now, It may seem normal that you or your loved ones might feel anxious, sad, scared or angry, and you are not alone. It is okay to seek out and ask for help. The resources here are a good place to start. 

myStrength Digital Health App

The Yakima Health District has made an investment to provide the digital health app myStrength to residents/workers in Yakima County. We realize this is a difficult time for so many in Yakima County and our community may need additional resources and support. The app myStrength  provides resources to improve mental health and overall well-being. myStrength offers personalized programs to help overcome depression and anxiety, and is supported by tools, weekly exercises, and daily inspiration in a safe and confidential environment. This app is available in both English and Spanish.

To learn more about myStrength click here to watch a short video.

Taking care of your emotional health is important. Now with myStrength you can get 24/7 support from the privacy of your computer or mobile device. myStrength offers health tracking tools, inspirational quotes and activities. You'll also find programs to help with stress, depression, anxiety, substance use, chronic pain and more. myStrength is here to help you live your best possible life. Below are some brief overviews on additional programs offered by myStrength.

COVID-19 Support

More recently myStrength has added mental wellness support for life topics related to  COVID-19, if you're feeling heightened stress and uncertainty brought on by on by the current coronavirus (COVID 19) you can choose from over a dozen activities, including:

  • strategies to manage heightened stress
  • tips for parenting during challenging times
  • ideas to manage social isolation 
  • other tools and information for emotional support

Support for LGBTQ+ Communities

Despite the progress that the LGBTQ+ community has made to gain greater understanding and acceptance, people who identify as part of this gender and sexual minority group remain at increased risk of persecution, victimization and violence. To address this, myStrength has expanded its library of LGBTQ+ resources  to promote behavioral health and wellness among people who are transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming. These resources also encourage support and acceptance toward those who are LGBTQ+.  Some of the resources include interactive content, activities covering LGBTQ+ topics and clinical evidenced-based programs on social support and normalizations. 

Trauma and PTSD 

Trauma is incredibly common and can interfere with relationships and in the work place. myStrength can provide support to those who may be struggling with symptoms of PTSD, or having difficulty coping.   The program offers help to those who have experienced or witnessed a wide range of traumatic events. Wherever your trauma stems from – be it military deployment, natural disasters, sexual assault, childhood abuse, accidents, violence and loss, myStrength is here to help. The program will provide education around how trauma and PTSD work, what can be done to manage discomfort and distress, and supply actionable in the-moment coping skills that empower people to manage their daily symptoms or triggers.

First Responders' and Support

It's never been easy to be a first responder and these days the challenges are  greater than ever. Current events have heightened misconceptions related to first responders roles,  and COVID 19 has brought the risk of public services to a new level. The program for first responders offers many resources around healthy body and healthy mind, parenting as a first responder, life with a first responder, making social connections with first responders, avoiding burnout, suicide among first responders and managing mood as a first responders.