Warrant Recall Program

For a limited time, defendants with an outstanding bench warrant in Yakima County District Court, Union Gap Municipal Court, or Grandview Municipal Court can have their warrants quashed through the Warrant Recall Program.  This program has been created in response to the COVID19 pandemic and will be available for a limited time.  There are a number of issues that are plaguing court systems around the State, not the least of which is increased caseloads due to calendaring restrictions established in response to mitigating strategies and safety precautions to combat the pandemic.  Moreover, there has no doubt been confusion about how to access the court system during the pandemic in part due to the many changes that have been made to the court schedules.  And we know that some defendants had concerns about their health and safety in coming into a courtroom setting during the pandemic. For specific information about the District Court's safety plan in response to COVID19 please visit our COVID19 Information Page.  As we now start to migrate to more normal court activity and schedules, it is the hope through the Warrant Recall Program, that we can get defendants back into court quickly and continue their cases moving forward.  

Recall Warrant Information

If you have an outstanding warrant from Yakima County District Court, Union Gap Municipal Court, or Grandview Municipal Court you can appear on a walk-in warrant recall calendar to have the warrant quashed, and a new court date set.  If you have an outstanding warrant that has a warrant fee, you will not be required to pay the warrant fee to get your case scheduled on the warrant recall calendar.  You also will not have to post a bail bond.  The case will simply be calendared by the Clerk. 

The walk-in warrant calendars are available in Yakima at the Courthouse, or in Grandview at the District Court.  Please see the schedule below. To appear on the walk-in warrant calendar:

  • Come to the Yakima County Courthouse, located at 128 N. 2nd Street, Room 225 - 2nd Floor in Yakima or appear at the Grandview District Court located at 1313 Wine Country Road in Grandview Wa.  Request that the Clerk add your case to the walk-in warrant calendar. You can make this request in advance of the upcoming warrant recall calendar date or you can show up the day of the calendar to be added. Please note that if the dockets are already full for the day the Clerk will schedule you for the next available calendar.  
  • Submit a walk-in warrant request form via our website:  Walk-In Warrant Request. A Clerk will respond to your request to the email that you provide in the electronic form.

Once your request is received the Clerk will calendar your case in Court.  If you are not able to appear in person, you may request that you be allowed to appear via Zoom. The Clerk processing your case, will provide you with the Zoom meeting information.   During the court session you can expect that the Judge will quash your warrant and reset your case for a new court hearing. Additionally, the Judge will review your criminal history and identify any other courts where outstanding warrants may exist.  To access contact information for other courts in Yakima County please click here.  The Clerk will provide you with a list of the courts in Yakima County and their contact information so you can reach out to them and attempt to get your remaining warrants addressed.  

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