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The following is an overview of the proposed project for the Yakima County CDBG Consortium CDBG-CV1 application:

Funds will be used to sustain emergency quarantine and isolation beds for those who have contracted COVID-19 or are awaiting test results to confirm whether or not they have contracted COVID-19, and are displaced from housing as a result of their infectious or potentially infectious status. This could include, but is not limited to, people living in congregate housing (such as migrant farmworkers, or people in overcrowded housing), or people with at-risk household members who they do not wish to risk exposing. Beds include three meals and two medical check-ins a day. Transportation will be made available upon request to pick up people anywhere within the CDBG consortium area to ensure program accessibility. This program currently exists in our community, but the funding that sustains it expires on December 31st, 2020. The CDBG-CV1 application request is for $874,918, and if awarded grant dollars would be implemented to continue this program through March 31, 2023.

The program is operated through Yakima Neighborhood Health Services; a nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable, accessible, quality health care within the community. This project would be a compliment to the already existing and sustainably funded medical respite facilities that currently provide the same quarantine and isolation services to people experiencing homelessness. The people being referred in to this program are people in congregant housing facilities, overcrowded housing, or living with at-risk household members. In our community, the people who meet these criteria are overwhelmingly if not entirely LMI persons. Additionally, these services will be made available to anyone within the CDBG Consortium areas. 53.7% of residents within the Yakima County CDBG Consortium fall below LMI limits.

COVID-19 response through Yakima County and the Yakima County Health District has utilized this project since March, and the continued safety of our residents, as well as continued reopening efforts of businesses within our community, depend on the continuation of this program.

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