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Flood Control Zone District

Since 1894 the Yakima River has flooded 47 times, since 1970 the area was declared a national disaster 8 times due to flooding. The Naches River and several tributaries experienced flooding at the same time of the Yakima River flood events.

On January 13, 1998, the Board of Yakima County Commissioners established the Yakima Countywide Flood Control Zone District.


The purpose of the Flood Control Zone District (FCZD) is to address flood management needs within the County.
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The activities of the district include, but are not limited to:
  • Basin wide flood planning
  • Flood proofing and elevation of structures
  • Flood warning and emergency response
  • Identification, engineering, and construction of capital projects to mitigate and/or address flooding problems
  • Implementation of consistent development regulations that recognized the Impacts of flooding
  • Property acquisition

Management Initiatives

Flood management initiatives, to address specific private property issues, are expected to be addressed by the establishment of sub zones within the Flood Control Zone District. Additional details are contained in the FCZD brochure (PDF).

The county will direct its efforts towards 1) planning and managing activities that will protect public property, 2) the coordination and development of county wide comprehensive flood hazard management plans, and 3) demonstration projects to correct emergent flood related problems.

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