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Flood Affected Well Information

During periods of heavier than normal rainfall or excessive snowmelt, flooding can occur in Yakima County. Flooding may affect the water quality of wells due to contamination carried by floodwaters or runoff. Watch for changes in your water, such as changes in color, smell or taste of the water. If your wellhead is in standing water, you should be especially aware.

What to Do
If you notice any changes in your water, you should discontinue use of the water for drinking, cooking, bathing, brushing of teeth, or washing of dishes. You may continue to use the water to flush the toilet. Find a safe alternative source of water such as bottled water. Under extreme circumstances, when no other source is available, you can treat the water by bringing it to a rolling boil and keeping it there for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Disinfecting Your Well
To disinfect a well, you can follow the Chlorination Procedures for Flood Affected Wells. However, if you must treat contaminated water for the purpose of drinking, boiling the water is the only acceptable method of disinfection.

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