Commercial Fruit Growers

Pests & Diseases

The primary focus of the Horticultural Pest and Disease Board is to serve commercial producers of Yakima County by protecting orchards from invasive pests and diseases of tree fruit.

Pests of tree fruit such as codling moth, pear psylla, cherry fruit fly, and apple maggot as well as diseases such as fire blight, apple scab and others are found in neglected orchards and backyard trees. These pests and diseases reproduce in these unmanaged trees and spread to commercial orchards and cause economic losses.

If you are experiencing unusual pest or disease pressure, and are unsure how to proceed, please alert us! Is the pest or disease apparent on a nearby property? Do you have a friendly relationship with the owner? Often a friendly reminder is all it takes!

Protective Legislation

RCW 15.08 and RCW 15.09 are laws written to protect agricultural producers of Washington State.

Filing a Complaint

Complaints need to be signed in order for the Pest and Disease Board to proceed beyond an inspection and notification to the problem site owner. Be aware that the Pest and Disease Board will protect a complainants identity up to and until a court case. In the event of a court case it is the right of the accused to face their accuser - it very seldom proceeds to this! A complaint form (PDF) is available online.
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