Are you pursuing a marriage dissolution (divorce) or parenting plan modification through the Court? Would you consider Mediation to try to work things out with the other person?

Mediation Process
Mediation is a confidential, voluntary process through which people involved in a conflict can work things out. Disputing parties are assisted by trained, certified, neutral mediators to create a solution that is workable for everyone. In some cases, mediation may be required by local court rule.

Mediation can often help! Through mediation, both parties sit down with trained mediators to work on elements of their dissolution process. Both parties have a chance to say what they would like to see happen in the final court order. The mediators will then help the parties work out a resolution, if possible. The resolution will be written up as a Settlement Agreement or as part of the parties’ court paperwork and both parties will receive a signed copy.

Setting Up Mediation
If both parties want to mediate, you or your attorney can call the Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) of Yakima and Kittitas Counties to request a mediation at 509-453-8949 or 800-853-8949. The court also has a list of private qualified mediators. You may call the Court Facilitator at 509-574-2695 to obtain a copy of this list. If the other party does not want to mediate, you can ask the court (via a Motion and Declaration to Require Mediation) to send both of you to mediation prior to meeting again in court.