The Public Services Transportation Administration Section oversees the management of operations, funding, accounting, planning, and project development of the entire Yakima County Transportation Network.

The Need
The ability to move goods and people is essential to a healthy community. Yakima County Public Services Transportation and Roads Department oversees a variety of transportation modes including (Roads, Railroads, Aviation, Trails), impacting the entire spectrum of travelers (general motorists, freight haulers, transit, bicyclists, and pedestrians).
Oversight & Support
It is the responsibility of the Administration Section to provide oversight and support for the 150-member Transportation Division to insure the continued safe operation of Yakima County’s transportation System while preparing for the future transportation needs of the region.

To insure this, Yakima County:
  • Coordinates transportation projects and programs with federal and state agencies, 14 municipal jurisdictions, transportation service providers, land developers, and private citizens ranging from multi-million dollar road projects to the creation of a driveway.
  • Generates approximately $30 Million in transportation revenues to administer, maintain, plan, construct new, and reconstruct existing transportation infrastructure throughout the county.
  • Maintains 1,660 Miles (571 miles unpaved) all-weather roads, including 311 bridges and 874 culverts, 22 miles of railroad, and 11 miles of rail corridor under consideration for trail.
  • Manages over 65 project contacts, through nearly 30 different private, local, state, and federal revenue sources
  • Operates fleet of nearly 100 heavy equipment and 120 general purpose vehicles. Public services also maintains and manages over 170 vehicles used by other county departments.
  • Owns and sub-contracts freight hauling services along the White Swan Branch Railroad.