LaDon Linde - District 3

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I am a fan of good government. To me, good government means government needs to be open and transparent, be run efficiently, and be responsive to our citizens. It needs to be consistent in its application of ordinances and the law. Good government is most easily achieved when it is closest to the people, meaning local control as much as possible. During this difficult period of the COVID pandemic, it means balancing all the needs and concerns of the public, starting with protecting the vulnerable among us while continuing to provide healthcare access for all other medical needs and concerns. It also means meeting the needs of our schools, businesses and churches to the greatest degree possible, and helping them to succeed.  

Now, a little about my background: Except for time away at college, serving a Spanish-speaking mission for my church, and meeting and marrying my wife Sandra, I have lived in the Yakima Valley since 1976. I love the climate here, our people and cultures, and the wide variety of agricultural products we are known for! 

I graduated from Granger High School, and when I returned to farm with my parents, we settled in the Sunnyside area and raised our children. I had a 20-year career in agriculture before selling the family farm and starting a 14-year career in healthcare, another vital industry in our county.  

Along the way, I have had the opportunity to volunteer my time in a variety of ways, including youth Parks and Recreation basketball, Miss Sunnyside and Miss Yakima County organizations (I can thank my daughters for that!), the Washington State Dairy Federation, the Governor’s Agriculture Advisory Board, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This has given me many opportunities to work with and manage people, departments, organizations, and budgets. 

On a personal note, I am a Certified Medical Interpreter (Spanish), and I enjoy bike riding, reading, sports, and spending time with my wife of 37 years, Sandra, as well as our six children and 10 grandchildren! 

I know that government doesn’t have all the answers to our problems: therefore, I welcome your input. If you have questions, concerns, or even suggestions, you may contact me at, or by phone at 509-574-1500. 

2% Allocation Committee
Facilities Advisory Committee
Aging and Long-Term Care Council of Goverments
Budget Elected Team (alternate)
Canvassing Board
Central Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Conference of Governments Executive Committee
Conference of Governments General Membership
Greater Columbia Behavioral Health Organization
Ground Water Management Act Advisory Committee
Law and Justice Committee
Law Library Board
Solid Waste Management Advisory Board
Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) Board of Directors
Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) Legislative Steering Committee (alternate)
Yakima County Disability Board
Yakima County Reserve Officers Disability Board
Yakima County Treasurer's Finance
Yakima Health District Board
Yakima Homeless Coalition
Yakima Mental Health Coalition