Site Visit Request

This form is to request a site visit or a pre-application meeting prior to development within a critical area or shoreline of Yakima County.  The outcome of the meeting will result in a determination of the type of permits necessary for development or change of use on the property.  This application is required prior to submitting applications for development in a Critical Area or Shoreline.


The Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Checklist is required when a project does not qualify for a Categorical Exemption.

Critical Areas Standard Development Application 

A Critical Areas Standard Development Permit is required when proposed development is taking place within a Critical Area of Yakima County.

Critical Areas Adjustment Permit Application

A Critical Areas Adjustment is required when a proposal needs to reduce or adjust development standards of the Yakima County Critical Areas Ordinance.

Minor Revisions to Approved Uses or Developments Application

A Minor Revision is required when their are proposed changes to a Critical Areas Permit or Shoreline Permit that has been issued.  Specific Criteria found in YCC 16.C/16.D.03.25 need to be met in order to qualify for a Minor Revision.

Non-Conforming Uses and Facilities Application

This application is required when there is an existing use or development that was established prior to adoption of current regulations, and would not be allowed by those regulations.  Under certain circumstances, those uses are allowed to expand or be changed to another use.

Reasonable Use Exception Permit Application

This Critical Areas Permit is an option for proponents when the standards of the Yakima County Critical Areas Ordinance would deny all reasonable economic use of a property.  A public hearing is required, with the Hearings Examiner making the final decision.

Shoreline Exemption Application Packet

Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Application Packet

Shoreline Conditional Use Permit Packet