SEPA Process

Please contact our environmental planner(s) at (509) 574-2300 or come into 128 N. 2nd Street, 4th Floor Courthouse, Yakima, WA 98901 to get more information. The SEPA process most often begins when you submit the first permit application for your proposal. You may be required to have a pre-application meeting to discuss your project, permit requirements, and the SEPA process. Not all projects are required to go through the SEPA process. Many permits issued by Yakima County Public Services do not require environmental review. Smaller projects including some building permits and minor land use decisions do not require environmental review; as such, these projects are categorically exempt from SEPA review (WAC 197-11-800).

Yakima County Planning typically assumes lead agency status for most private projects within the county that require permits from the Planning Division of Yakima County Public Services.

Lead Agency Responsibilities

Lead Agency Responsibilities include:
  • Determining whether the environmental impacts of your proposal are likely to be significant after identified mitigation is applied
  • Identifying potential adverse environmental impacts
  • Issuing the SEPA documents
  • Reviewing all environmental aspects of your proposal, including those under the jurisdiction of other agencies