Process & Documents

The information below provides the documentation of the phased process and adoption of the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update. 


The planning staff communicated to the Board of County Commissioners, Planning Commission and Public on the Growth Management Act requirements and importance of their roles in the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update.

 The Public Participation plan was developed during this phase.  The plan clearly identified the scope of the comprehensive plan update, when legislative action is expected, and how the public can participate or comment.

Plan Development

This phase resulted in an adopted version of Comprehensive Plan Elements as identified in the Scope of Work.  As each element was completed, it was reviewed by the Planning Commission and with a request for public comments throughout this timeline.  As each element was drafted, each applicable development regulation was evaluated for any necessary changes to maintain internal consistency.   


The final phase of the project consisted of the public, state, and local officials review and comment on the overall plan.  The proposed plan was sent to the Washington State Department of Commerce on June 29, 2017 for the official 60-day review period. No appeals or comments were filed and has been determined by Yakima County that Horizon 2040 is substantially compliant as required by Commerce and became effective on August 29, 2017.