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Posted on: June 1, 2020

COVID - 19 June 11, 2020 Update Yakima County District Court & Probation Services

The Washington State Supreme Court has issued many orders that impact the operations of Courts at all levels statewide. You can access those orders here: Washington Courts. Consistent with those orders, Yakima County District Court continues to modify the operation of the court in both Yakima and Grandview. The most recent order which became effective June 11, 2020, can be accessed here.  

Court Operations

Yakima County District Court, Union Gap Municipal Court and Grandview Municipal Court are still operating. We are conducing limited hearings pursuant to the Supreme Courts Emergency Order in both the Yakima and Grandview locations. For questions about your court hearing, or to determine if you have court you can either call the court, access the courts calendar on the Yakima County District Court web page, Court Calendar or you can access your court case via the Washington State Courts website here. Find My Court Date.

The Court will continue to generate the daily court calendar and send it out to all attorney’s support staff and other law and justice partners. Additionally, the calendar will be posted on the county’s website. To adhere to the safety recommendations of the Yakima County Health District, the CDC and the most recent proclamation by Governor Inslee and the Courts commitment to ensure that all those who attend court are safe, we are taking the following safety precautions:

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available in the courtrooms for use by court participants.
  • Until further notice, court participants will not be required to sign documents.  They will receive their copy of paperwork if applicable, before leaving the courtroom.
  • We have altered the number of court participants who will be able to be in the courtroom during court.  We have adjusted our court times to accommodate the need to limit the number of participants.
  • To accommodate the need to maintain social distancing, each courtroom has been measured for appropriate places for court participants to sit, and a sticker has been placed in that location. 
  • Facilities staff have committed to the continual cleaning of the Courthouse facility, that includes door handles and counters in District Court. Moreover, they have agreed to the cleaning of the tables and benches in the courtrooms each night.
  • Court staff will be cleaning court spaces during court sessions.
  • The Court is requiring that every person who enters or remains in a Yakima County District Court location wear a face mask or covering over their mouth and nose. 
  • Screens have been installed at the clerk’s station where social distancing cannot be implemented.

In addition to the items identified above, the Court encourages alternative court appearances.  The Court is allowing for telephonic appearances and in some instances, we are also allowing for virtual appearances via Zoom.  Additionally, we are implementing the ability to stream the courtroom sessions to YouTube to allow for greater access to court proceedings.  If you are interested in participating remotely, either via telephone or via Zoom please reach out to your lawyer or contact the Court at 509-574-1800.

All civil and criminal jury trials are suspended until after September 1, 2020 which is subject to extension.

Infraction Hearings: For all mitigation and contested infraction cases, the parties are encouraged to submit a written statement.  The Court is allowing limited appearances on infraction cases.  Summons will be sent if you requested a court date. 

All small claim meditations are hereby continued until after June 1, 2020, subject to extension. The parties may be contacted by the Dispute Resolution Center to arrange a time to mediate, if that can be arranged adhering to the necessary safety precautions, the parties are encouraged to participate.

All name changes are hereby continued. Emergent needs for a name change can be initiated by filing a motion with the court.

The Yakima County DUI Court will be held at its regular time, Thursdays at 3:00 p.m. All participants are required to appear either in person, telephonically or virtually as directed by a member of the team.

The Court will continue to hear requests for anti-harassment orders in Yakima and Grandview.

All other civil matters are hereby continued.

To make a payment on a court fine online please select this link: Court Payment

NOTICE: If you are feeling ill,  have a compromised immune system or have any other  health concern you should not enter the courthouse either in Grandview or Yakima. Please contact your lawyer and/or the court as soon as possible to advise a clerk that you will not be able to attend court. You can call 509-574-1800.

Probation Operations:

Yakima County Probation Services is currently staffed and available for clients. If you have a question about your probation requirements and/or need assistance from Probation, please call them at 509-574-1860.

The following operation changes apply to Yakima County District Court Probation Services in Yakima and Grandview and are effective immediately:

Traffic safety classes are moving to an online platform.  Please contact Probation Services for more information. 

All future Anger Management class held in the probation services conference room are cancelled.

All probation appointments will be held via phone or other virtual means. Probationers are directed to follow the directions of their probation officer.

To make a payment on probation fees online please select this link: Probation Payment

NOTICE: If you are feeling ill, have a compromised immune system or have any other health concern you should not enter the courthouse either in Grandview or Yakima. Please contact the probation staff as soon as possible to advise that you will not be able to attend your meeting with your probation officer/case manager due to your health concerns. You can call 509-574-1860.

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