Health District


1210 Ahtanum Ridge Drive
Union Gap, WA 98903

Main: 509-575-4040 Toll Free: 800-535-5016


Link: Health District Page


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Dove, Wena Account Technician 509-249-6560  
Jenck, Dulce Accountant 509-249-6600  
Porter, Chase Senior Accountant 509-249-6530  
Dobbs, Jessica Account Technician 509-249-6561  
District, Health District HR Human Resources    


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Reyes, Victoria Administrative Assistant 509-249-6549  
Fresco, Andre Executive Director 509-249-6666  
Garcia, Wendy Office Technician 509-575-6538  
Ibach, Ryan Chief Operating Officer 509-249-6521  
Spitters, Dr. Chris Health Officer 509-575-4040  
Gonzalez, Soledad Office Technician 509-249-6502  

Department of Health 

Communicable Disease Information & Reporting Line: (509) 249-6541
Confidential Fax Line: (509) 249-6628

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Baldoz, Lisa DIS Field Staff - DOH 509-249-6531  
Contreras, Carlos DIS Field Staff - DOH 509-249-6559  

Developmental Disabilities Program 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Colin, Angela DD Coordinator 509-249-6507  

Disease Control 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Maldonado, Edit Public Health Specialist 509-249-6546  
Flodin-Hursh, Denny Public Health Nurse 509-249-6528  
Contreras, Emily Community Health Specialist 509-249-6503  
Miller, David Public Health Nurse 509-249-6532  
Garcia, Laura Public Health Specialist 509-249-6518  
Melissa Sixberry, Melissa Sixberry Director of Disease Control 509-249-6509  

Environmental Health 


Link: Environmental Health Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Magee, Shawn Environmental Health Specialist 509-249-6533  
Silvestri, Ted Environmental Health Specialist 509-249-6562  
Wilson, John Environmental Health Specialist 509-249-6568  
EH Help Desk,   509-249-6508  
Newchurch, Steven Environmental Health Specialist 509-249-6504  
Wolterstorff, Kait Environmental Health Specialist 509-249-6525  
Bobeck, Jackie Environmental Health Specialist 509-249-6513  
Comfort, Brandon Environmental Health Specialist 509-249-6505  
Gonzalez, Carina Environmental Health Specialist 509-249-6545  

Public Health Partnerships 


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Van Doren, Jessica Community Health Specialist 509-249-6536  
Bravo, Lilian Director of Public Health Partnerships 509-249-6514  
Lopez, Cathy Public Health Specialist 509-249-6537  
Carter , Rose Public Health Technician 509-249-6529