111 N Front Street
Yakima, WA 98901


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Name Title Email Phone
Bess, Sandra Records Supervisor/Programs Coordinator 509-574-1704
Welch, Jeremy Interim Director 509-574-1682
Splawn, Bill Lieutenant, Administration Division 509-574-1623
Merriman, Loren Corporal, Jail Industries 509-574-2906
Fay, Kristin Sergeant, Transport Division 509-574-2828
Gosney, Heidi Corporal, Classification Division 509-574-1719
Hiebert, Clave Corrections Officer, Training\Recruiting Division 509-574-1723
Camden, Alison Disposition/Inmate Records Supervisor 509-574-1730
Thomas, Janet Inmate Accounts 509-574-1750
Gregory, Whitney Behavioral Health Supervisor 509-574-1724
Public, Visiting   509-574-2929
Chaplain, Services   509-574-1648
Aramark, Services Food and Commissary 509-574-2845
Mequet , Christopher Medical Services Administrator 509-574-1753